Swiss Medical Detox is a facility made up by two fundamental units:

  • A medical clinic
  • A dental clinic

Both of these entities are based on the medicine of the three pillars of the DOC system:

  • D for detoxify
  • O for dietary and immune system optimization that often go hand-in-hand
  • C for circulation for an improved vascular tree

From there, nature understands and takes care of the rest.

The medical clinic is directed by the Doctor Daniel Chervet, FMH specialist and general practitioner, with diplomas in biotherapy and chelation therapy (IBCMT Diploma).

The dental clinic is directed by theDoctor Hamid Abdelaziz, general practitioner. The Professor Sami Sandhaus is the adviser of our dental clinic. He was honored four times as doctor Honoris Causa for his work and was awarded the UNESCO prize for Promotion and Prestige.

The affiliated institutions

  • IBCMT (International Board for Clinical Metal Toxicology),
  • Micro-trace laboratory: Laboratory responsible for the measure of heavy metal
  • Odontological forum