2. Dietary Optimization

Complementary to the chelation therapy, it is a necessity to have an optimized diet. In other words, having the right dietary complements delivered to the body to meet the needs of its organism. This will help the better sustainability of the different bio-chemical reactions that results from detoxification and the reparation of the body structure that had been affected by metal intoxication.

This will consist in changing your diet to a more natural one that contains enough protein and minerals to saturate the body.

Heavy metals, especially mercury, fix themselves in the organism by taking the place of the minerals that are present in the body. When this latter becomes saturated with good minerals, a rivalry is created at the level of the contact point which helps dislodge the mercury.

However this is still insufficient to get rid of heavy metals present in the body. Giving complementary elements will help repair the damage caused by metals such as zinc, selenium, omega-3, glutathione, etc.