Dr. Daniel Chervet

The medical clinic is directed by Dr. Daniel Chervet, Specialist in General Internal Medicine FMH.After graduating from the medical faculty of Geneva in 1978 with a doctorate, Dr. Chervet quickly developed an interest in complementary medicine such as homeopathy – which looks at treating the patient as a whole rather than focusing on the symptom solely. This is known as a holistic approach.

After earning the SMB diploma (the International Confederation of Homeopathy and Biotherapy Society) in 1988, this was followed by a certificate of higher studies in Homeopathy in 1990 and then by a diploma from the Swiss Homeopathy Society recognized by the FMH, in 2001.

His medical academic journey brought Dr. Chervet to also study MTC, Traditional Chinese Medicine, with an internship in shanghai, followed by Nutritional Therapy and Immunotoxicology.

Since graduating from IBCMT (International Board for Clinical Metal Toxicology) in 2009, Dr. Chervet has been primarily focused on carrying out detoxification for  patients with heavy metal issues arising from dental amalgam, pollution, pesticides, etc.

“Detoxification is almost always the first step to make any medical treatment efficient”, Prof. Van Der Schaar.

Dr. Chervet’s work and research to maintain and boost the immune system which is key to our health has brought him to attend as a guest speaker in many medical conferences across Europe.

As an honorary member of the medical society of Vaud Canton since 2009, Dr. Chervet’s studies on the immune system have enabled him to treat many patients with immune system diseases, Lyme disease and Cancer.