1. Detoxification

Chelation therapy is at the grassroots of detoxification. It enables to detoxify the organism from minerals and toxic metals (for example: mercury, arsenic, lead…).

What is chelation therapy?

The term “chelation” comes from the Greek word “khêlê” which means “grab” or “bind”. It is the process by which an organic substance, known as chelating agent, binds the minerals or electrically-charged metals like iron, lead, copper, etc. This results in a water-soluble complex that can then be easily eliminated through the urine.

The use of mercury dental amalgam and the generalized pollution in our current environment are the two main causes that have led to such a widespread exposure to an overload in heavy toxic metals. (We are not all equal when it comes to our natural detoxification abilities).

It has been demonstrated that this intoxication could be at the origin of many diseases − the emerging diseases. Conventional medicine only provides symptomatic treatment as it does not recognize these diseases as a chronic intoxication.

As Professor Van Der Shaar, president of the IBCMT quite rightly pointed out: “Detoxification of patients is almost always the first condition to make subsequent treatment effective”.