3. Circulation

Once the detoxification phase is completed, it is still necessary to pursue a deep maintenance and a regeneration process of the structures affected by the intoxication.

Thus, it is necessary to optimize the circulatory function as only this will permit one reach the deepest structures in the organism.

We have an extraordinary product for this which is EDTA. It can be used with other chelating agents in the case of deep metallic intoxication but also by itself when there is a circulatory disease of the first level. For instance, it can be used for atherosclerosis or in vascular lesions caused by diabetes.

Lastly, there is also a complementary particular therapeutic mode such as autohemotherapy which has regulatory and stimulatory virtues for the immune system. The cures made out of bicarbonate of sodium are particularly useful for intoxication of candida albicans and the correction of acidic fields.

Despite the existence of these therapeutic methods, the main attention is still systematically drawn to the digestive tube which remains for Dr Chervet and his team the key to health.